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We are looking for Swiss people with unique talents and unusual hobbies

to feature on our website


For example: extreme adventure sports, playing exotic or historic instruments like the Teufelsgeige, Drehleier, Schalmei, Koto, etc., video production, photography, or anything unusual (in a good way).


Let us know if you like to sing, yodel, play a typical Swiss instrument like the Alphorn, Handörgeli, Zither, Hackbrett, Treicheln, Talerschwingen, Holzlöffel, etc. and like Swiss Folk Music (alone or in a group).


We are also looking for Swiss Folk Dancers, amateur magicians, impersonators, stand-up comics, mimes, ventriloquists, etc., who would like to perform at some of our events.


Also, we are in need of a Santa Claus and/or Easter Bunny!


Please click here to email us a short bio with photo(s) and video (if available).


We look forward to hearing from you!

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